I got back in the pool last night for the first time in months. Sometimes I forget how meditative it is, how much peace I find just moving through the water. And breathing though it all. It reminded me of how helpful swimming was to me earlier this year. It reminded me of Memaw. So I'm sharing this poem:

A Meditation on Memaw

When Memaw died, I was beside myself.
Despite being able to say goodbye.
Despite her peace at going.

One, two, three, breathe.

My family gathered together,
all together, crying and sharing
in a sea of “bless your heart”s

One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, breathe.

I stood upstage of her casket
Praising this humble woman
Who meant so much to so many

One, two, three, breathe.
One, breathe.

I came back to Minneapolis
searching for solace
in a sea of “thinking of you”s

Just breathe.

Memaw learned to swim late.
In her 60s, she (like I) found
Solace in a swimming pool.

One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.
One, two, three, breathe.



Jennie Finney
05/31/2013 1:38pm

Awwww! I was up this morning very early thinking about her love and legacy. I miss her so much! Bless your heart, Honey!

06/03/2013 1:37pm

Just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.


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